Bielefeld: transcript 2019

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Musikalische Praxis als Lebensform. Sinnfindung und Wirklichkeitserfahrung beim Musizieren

Bielefeld: transcript 2018

Eva-Maria Houben im Gespräch mit der Sopranistin Irene Kurka

  • 12. September 2020
    Scène Nationale de Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy (CCAM), Nancy (France): Eva-Maria Houben, listening to yourself. double bass and drone (2019). Louis-Michel Marion, Kontrabass.
  • 4. Oktober 2020
    Festival of Flanders, Mechelen, Kempen (Timemonochromes): Eva-Maria Houben, méditations sur le piano 15 (2020). Werke von Anton Webern, Antoine Beuger, Erik Satie, Morton Feldman, Jürg Frey u. a. Guy Vandromme, Klavier.
  • 23. Oktober 2020
    Pauluskirche, Hamburg: Eva-Maria Houben, 4 for four (percussionists) (2015). Werke von Chiyoko slvnics, Adriana Hölszky, Nikolaus Gerszewski. Ensemble Frantic Percussion.
  • 23. Oktober 2020
    Pauluskirche, Hamburg: Eva-Maria Houben, you and we für gemischten chor (2019). Werke von Robert Ashley, Nikolaus Gerszewski. Kammerchor Klub Konsonanz, Ltg. Uschi Krosch (als Videoprojektion).
  • 25. Oktober 2020
    Saal der Musikschule, Heidenheim: Eva-Maria Houben, 6 sonaten für klavier (2011). sonata I – III. Eric Mayr, Klavier.
  • 5. Dezember 2020
    Saal der Musikschule, Heidenheim: Eva-Maria Houben, 6 sonaten für klavier (2011). sonata IV – VI. Eric Mayr, Klavier.



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Social Distancing Project #013: Eva-Maria Houben, Busy. Places to Dwell (2019)

The Extradition Series

Matt Hannafin (voice, whistling, tissue paper, radio) performs Eva-Maria Houben’s “Busy. Places to Dwell” (2019), recorded at home in Portland, Oregon, USA, in May 2020



Fidan Aghayeva-Edler 

 Sonata Nr. 5 (2011) by German composer Eva-Maria Houben. Her music is especially challenging for me as a very unpatient player and listener. As a pianist I am mostly used to busy parts, having no time to listen to each particular tone – from its beginning to its end. Someone told me once, the music is born from silence and dies into silence, and this is exactly the starting point for Houben’s music.
All three movements of the Sonata have different conditions: 1. Andante cantabile e grazioso – listen notes dying out and moving into each other. Alas, the higher pitched notes have here shorter life than the lower ones. 2. Adagio con molto espressione – a strict rhythm, but wait at the end of each line until the tone is completely gone 3. Andante amabile e con moto – a Lullaby, repeat each section as often as wanted.



Bryan MacNamara: Eva-Maria Houben – golden sun





Neue CDs

Eva-Maria Houben, one performer. Denis Sorokin, performance: double. a whistling singer/ a singing whistler (2018); rec. by Adam Asnan in PAS, Berlin, 3.11.2018; busy. places to dwell. 1 performer (2019); rec. by Taku Sugimoto in PAS, Berlin, 7.3.2019; what is a chord? 1 performer (2019), rec. by Sergei Tumanov in Saint-Petersburg, 6.5.2019; mastered by Sergei Tumanov. diafani

Eva-Maria Houben, ensemble works. echo fantasy I, IV und V (2018), gesang XI (2018), unter anderen (2017). Ordinary Affects: Morgan Evans-Weiler (violin), Laura Cetilia (cello), J.P.A. Falzone (vibraphone/ piano), Luke Martin (guitar) with Eva-Maria Houben (organ). Recording/ Mastering: Luke Damrosch (October 2018, Memorial Chapel, Wesleyan University, Middletown (CT, USA). edition wandelweiser records 1904-05

Eva-Maria Houben, haiku for 11 (2002-04). die himmelsmechanik for orchestra (2012). University of California San Diego Chamber Orchestra. Conductor: Matt Kline. diafani

Eva-Maria Houben, twin compositions: le jardin suspendu (2015) – tombeau (2015). Eva-Maria Houben, piano. diafani

Eva-Maria Houben, nothing more. string quartet (2019). 2 Dodecaphonic String Quartets by The Ars Combinatoria String Quartet, together with Dieter Schnebel’s „Stücke“. Erik Carlson, Norman Sifronsky, Paul Oliver, Michael Nicolas. Eric Carlson, recording. erikcarlson.bandcamp

Eva-Maria Houben, le silence de l’orgue (2019). Eva-Maria Houben, organ. diafani

Eva-Maria Houben, erwartung 1 und 2. Second Editions 006 2019 (LP)